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About Us

"I design a collection that lets you be who you want to be," says Cynthia Neo, head designer of J&C Cynthia Neo is a comforting personality to talk to, she feels that her main role is to realise the needs and fantasies of her customer.

Cynthia says, "We try our best to give them exactly what they envision. Of course advice will be given if they need it or when they require a second opinion but we never try to sell a look nor dictate to them the way they should look like!"

For this designer who has been in the business for more than 10 years, what couples want is the only important criteria in the creation of a gown or a photo. "How do we judge what is a 'good' photograph or a 'bad' photograph? Only the couple themselves can, after all there are so many ways to take a picture - it is important to understand what the couple wants, how they want it. All is vital for me to create the right gown and the right mood for their photography. I personally want to know how they met, or what they expect in their future, how they see marriage and what their views are." So Cynthia always tries to foster close bonds with the couples that come to her in an intimate and warm approach. From these close talks, Cynthia gets all the information she needs and also a good idea of how best to bring out the beauty of the brides. Another thing is fun! Cynthia looks out for fun couples too, people who have that humour to do outrageous things for their weddings! "We will try to fulfil all your visions no matter how outlandish they are!"

Cynthia says for the millennium there will be more and more unconventional ways to celebrate a wedding, it will be less formal and more fun and gowns will become more versatile. And because guys are becoming more conscious of their looks, Cynthia and team are already doing some very unique suits in very special fabrics for these modern grooms.